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    A tous les OSMN, vous trouverez toute l’information pertinente au métier de Technicien de marine au lien suivant:
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    MESOs, you can find all the information about the component of the Marine Technician occupation at this link.
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    #DYK HMCS William Hall was named in honour of this heroic Canadian: #BlackHistoryMonth #CAF #RCN
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    #SVQ NCSM William Hall fut nommé en l’honneur de ce héros Canadien : #HistoireNoire #FAC #MarineRC
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    DND and EDSC delivered the CERP to answer the needs of reservists and employers.
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Naval Reserve
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  • Canada’s Naval Reserve was created in 1923. Elle est le fruit des efforts d’un officier idéaliste, le Capitaine de frégate Walter Hose.

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