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    EARTHQUAKE Mag=4.1 on 29 Mar at 11:00 PDT. Details : 40 km WSW of Village of Queen Charlotte, BC
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    Automatic detection of seismic event: magnitude 4.2 - 29 Mar 11:00 PDT - VILLAGE OF QUEEN CHARLOTTE, B region
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    Feb 24 04:28 PST: A magnitude 4.7 earthquake was reported offshore west of Vancouver Island.
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    EARTHQUAKE Mag=4.2 on 28 Feb at 15:48 PST. Details : 76 km SSE of Beaver Creek, YT 309 km W of Whitehorse, YT
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    EARTHQUAKE Mag=4.2 on 18 Feb at 06:40 PST. Details : 120 km WNW of Pemberton, BC 139 km NNE of Powell River, BC
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