This page tracks the engagement level of Government on Twitter. How are they using Twitter, how often are they using the community aspects of Twitter such as retweeting, @reply, twitpics and so on. These stats are broken down into top 10 lists then a list of all the numbers.

These stats update weekly and are based on the last month of activity.

Type of Tweet


Tweets with Hashtag

Top 10's

And The Winners Are...

Category Totals

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category tweets retweets replies replies to tweet pics links hashtags retweeted replied replied to tweet

Uber Table With All Stats

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name tweets retweets replies replies to tweet pics links hashtags retweeted replied replied to tweet
32 Brigade Group0000000000
72 hours campaign for 46330020265822
Aboriginal Affairs and0000000000
Agri-Food Trade Servic0000000000
Banff National Park of476000017500
Bank of Canada65200403840011669
Bar U Ranch National H1000000200
Business Canada1100000000
Business Development B0000000000
Canada Border Services61291130342697127
Canada Council for the323801313901719345038
Canada Research Chairs76440030457652
Canada Revenue Agency29231871892806755127999
Canada's Digital Econo0000000000
Canada's Economic Acti0000000000
Canadian Army130702090666899065
Canadian Cadet Organiz1000000000
Canadian Centre for Oc4625001302615962
Canadian Coast Guard0000000000
Canadian Contribution 0000000000
Canadian Expeditionary0000000000
Canadian Food Inspecti91844130654783932
Canadian Food Inspecti471102120273222
Canadian Forces17974101301011666201167
Canadian Grain Commiss6232220426842
Canadian Heritage12125008076364228
Canadian Institutes of1607715170596703123
Canadian International0000000000
Canadian Police Colleg0000000000
Canadian Race Relation5081040122000
Canadian Space Agency18910544170751371338132
Canadian Tourism Commi0000000000
Canadian Trade Commiss24612977501574283824
Canadian Transportatio0000000000
CBSA (Ambassador Bridg0000000000
CBSA (Blue Water Bridg0000000000
CBSA (Border Wait Time0000000000
CBSA (Boundary Bay)0000000000
CBSA (Cornwall)0000000000
CBSA (Coutts)0000000000
CBSA (Detroit and Cana0000000000
CBSA (Douglas - Peace 0000000000
CBSA (Emerson)0000000000
CBSA (Fort Frances Bri0000000000
CBSA (Huntingdon)0000000000
CBSA (North Portal)0000000000
CBSA (Pacific Highway)0000000000
CBSA (Peace Bridge)0000000000
CBSA (Queenston-Lewist0000000010
CBSA (Rainbow Bridge)0000000000
CBSA (Sault Ste. Marie0000000000
CBSA (St-Armand/Philip0000000000
CBSA (St-Bernard-de-La0000000000
CBSA (St. Stephen)0000000000
CBSA (Stanstead)0000000000
CBSA (Thousand Island 0000000000
CBSA (Woodstock Road)0000000000
CFB Petawawa0000000000
Citizenship and Immigr10414906857902318191288822
Commission for Public 0000000000
Communications Researc0000000000
Consular Services0000000000
Correctional Service o1013061030272905040
Depot Division2827004021600
DFO (Pacific Region)742911150518485
DFO (Quebec Region)9881002064310
DFO Science1011000031
Earthquakes Canada1000000461211
Economic Development A226000017711
Environment Canada467189001303813099565495
Eyes Abroad1641151920979718115
FedDev Ontario113737670574444
Federal Public Service7417820018233184
Finance Canada934211100432015146
Financial Consumer Age631555202517564
Fisheries and Oceans C0000000000
Foreign Affairs and In0000000000
Fort Cumberland Nation0000000000
Fundy National Park11522006531
Georgian Bay Islands N18801108962
Grasslands National Pa61246670383764
Health Canada0000000000
Human Resources and Sk0000000000
Industry Canada0000000000
International Developm60439900604135693911
International Trade0000000000
Kouchibouguac National2100001100
LFWA Public Affairs0000000000
Library and Archives C157201010505713397556
Lower Fort Garry Natio0000000000
Maritime Forces Pacifi0000000000
National Arts Centre47429690841601263317158
National film board4982046360501566616552
National Gallery of Ca0000000000
National Marine Conser3300020201100
National Research Coun96142210562101812
National Round Table o0000000000
Natural Resources Cana6300005300
Natural Sciences and E1343102640172752115
Naval Reserve654200140362030
Networks of Centres of5853105023122
Nova Scotia National P21100010151610
NRC National Science L0000000000
NRCan Library0000000000
Nutrition North Canada0000000000
Office of the Auditor 43810502791106
Office of the Informat1722420736109
Office of the Privacy 4816780132422318
Office of the Privacy 0000000000
Parks Canada35518202202501031723238193
Parks Canada in Newfou45113370268676
Parks Canada Mountain 0000000000
Parks Canada Yukon231201014911
Passport Canada5233030204544317
Patented Medicine Pric4601120301711
Point Pelee National P4715161640146585
Public Health Agency o0000000070
Public Safety and Emer290126811160171957124107
Pukaskwa National Park5313330343032
RCMP (British-Columbia1598223801386666756
RCMP (British-Columbia1000001100
RCMP (New-Brunswick)101933160765893932
RCMP (Newfoundland and122231415120803415648
RCMP (Newfoundland, tr0000000000
RCMP (Nova-Scotia)19637131430012766512594
RCMP (Ontario)1514955370812755426
RCMP (PEI)0000000000
RCMP (Quebec)1321120736119
RCMP A Division0000000000
Rideau Canal National 3384420185486
Royal Canadian Mint284332010412313
Royal Canadian Mounted628202030161014243142
Royal Canadian Navy1431122350953255035
Service Canada125184040110461586831
Services for Youth0000000000
Social Sciences and Hu19970361101426693328
Statistics Canada273579801301521366156129
Telefilm Canada189906630681673128
The Crown in Canada0000000000
Transport Canada27069242724017593910375
Treasury Board of Cana1542148901003973831
Trent-Severn Waterway 48109960231041712
Truth and Reconciliati0000000000
Veterans Affairs Canad179122270341886157144
Veterans Ombudsman30120601711515
VIA Rail Canada4423399400201690435215
Waterton Lakes Nationa14033302112105
Western Economic Diver8320040525655
Working in Canada0000000000
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