This page tracks the engagement level of Government on Twitter. How are they using Twitter, how often are they using the community aspects of Twitter such as retweeting, @reply, twitpics and so on. These stats are broken down into top 10 lists then a list of all the numbers.

These stats update weekly and are based on the last month of activity.

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Top 10's

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Most Popular Tweeters

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  1. 15,587 Veterans Affairs Canad
  2. 4,961 Canadian Forces
  3. 2,879 Library and Archives C
  4. 2,344 Parks Canada
  5. 2,260 Canadian Army
  6. 2,186 Citizenship and Immigr
  7. 2,169 Environment Canada
  8. 2,134 Statistics Canada
  9. 2,127 Canadian Space Agency
  10. 1,616 Royal Canadian Mounted

Category Totals

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category tweets retweets replies replies to tweet pics links hashtags retweeted replied replied to tweet

Uber Table With All Stats

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name tweets retweets replies replies to tweet pics links hashtags retweeted replied replied to tweet
32 Brigade Group0000000000
72 hours campaign for 80670080415633
Aboriginal Affairs and0000000000
Agri-Food Trade Servic0000000000
Banff National Park of22700307500
Bank of Canada691000302533810354
Bar U Ranch National H1000001000
Business Canada1100001000
Business Development B0000000000
Canada Border Services80465590342259650
Canada Council for the2093011112001047603729
Canada Research Chairs39301110101240
Canada Revenue Agency307318118233088717363148
Canada's Digital Econo0000000000
Canada's Economic Acti0000000000
Canadian Army354180431902101937182141
Canadian Cadet Organiz0000000000
Canadian Centre for Oc278111001212473
Canadian Coast Guard14535441408898010175
Canadian Contribution 0000000000
Canadian Expeditionary0000000000
Canadian Food Inspecti1181444360904872216
Canadian Food Inspecti62701190356343
Canadian Forces259131353701604093475393
Canadian Grain Commiss79101180587032
Canadian Heritage621700180441525643
Canadian Institutes of25013151090695293822
Canadian International0000000000
Canadian Police Colleg0000000000
Canadian Race Relation45200070131710
Canadian Space Agency1718822370721754198175
Canadian Tourism Commi0000000000
Canadian Trade Commiss310172114001954483417
Canadian Transportatio0000000000
CBSA (Ambassador Bridg0000000000
CBSA (Blue Water Bridg0000000000
CBSA (Border Wait Time0000000000
CBSA (Boundary Bay)0000000000
CBSA (Cornwall)0000000000
CBSA (Coutts)0000000000
CBSA (Detroit and Cana0000000000
CBSA (Douglas - Peace 0000000000
CBSA (Emerson)0000000000
CBSA (Fort Frances Bri0000000000
CBSA (Huntingdon)0000000000
CBSA (North Portal)0000000000
CBSA (Pacific Highway)0000000000
CBSA (Peace Bridge)0000000000
CBSA (Queenston-Lewist0000000000
CBSA (Rainbow Bridge)0000000000
CBSA (Sault Ste. Marie0000000000
CBSA (St-Armand/Philip0000000000
CBSA (St-Bernard-de-La0000000000
CBSA (St. Stephen)0000000000
CBSA (Stanstead)0000000000
CBSA (Thousand Island 0000000000
CBSA (Woodstock Road)0000000000
CFB Petawawa0000000000
Citizenship and Immigr47410377359110311063753370
Commission for Public 0000000000
Communications Researc0000000000
Consular Services0000000000
Correctional Service o137506680231943522
Depot Division443900130333944
DFO (Pacific Region)66104414044883830
DFO (Quebec Region)61500020281000
DFO Science361014015169118
Earthquakes Canada50000001422019
Economic Development A274002013300
Environment Canada362201115702721612310247
Eyes Abroad45138223370261144149
FedDev Ontario280173883301871521714
Federal Public Service7413111067136108
Finance Canada77350014050949893
Financial Consumer Age18177442301386834741
Fisheries and Oceans C459101140152215328
Foreign Affairs and In0000000000
Fort Cumberland Nation7300005511
Fundy National Park49232250232377
Georgian Bay Islands N141011309111
Grasslands National Pa461000110293054
Health Canada2100050172126432
Human Resources and Sk0000000000
Industry Canada0000000000
International Developm41626300160265455316
International Trade0000000000
Kouchibouguac National15622105311
LFWA Public Affairs0000000000
Library and Archives C3331147486501932565167147
Lower Fort Garry Natio0000000000
Maritime Forces Pacifi0000000000
National Arts Centre5252651059732020023210584
National film board2959442390164318218
National Gallery of Ca0000000000
National Marine Conser4000104100
National Research Coun74141080471192210
National Round Table o0000000000
Natural Resources Cana2881120203055
Natural Sciences and E2537100760617683419
Naval Reserve39280030192841
Networks of Centres of908010100501100
Nova Scotia National P6020446032100159
NRC National Science L0000000000
NRCan Library0000000000
Nutrition North Canada0000000000
Office of the Auditor 53151401003354173
Office of the Informat1941140142843
Office of the Privacy 6168860252531611
Office of the Privacy 0000000000
Parks Canada335131901882101441816299229
Parks Canada in Newfou41112060322966
Parks Canada Mountain 117000003118711
Parks Canada Yukon41000021121
Passport Canada5571623305714419
Patented Medicine Pric54000120451099
Point Pelee National P20966209864
Public Health Agency o291108020199129
Public Safety and Emer33716855420193936184163
Pukaskwa National Park100008091111
RCMP (British-Columbia172923600146830187163
RCMP (British-Columbia4000004120
RCMP (New-Brunswick)991511160805283531
RCMP (Newfoundland and4832160391552821
RCMP (Newfoundland, tr0000000050
RCMP (Nova-Scotia)225321716400156840111101
RCMP (Ontario)7741323046743315
RCMP (PEI)0000000000
RCMP (Quebec)30000011051
RCMP A Division0000000000
Rideau Canal National 9400003832
Royal Canadian Mint3301313201774147133
Royal Canadian Mounted126115952130481169285162
Royal Canadian Navy6729007058217188
Service Canada237131241232406726114866
Services for Youth0000000000
Social Sciences and Hu9038243053305259
Statistics Canada3417514913602061834166134
Telefilm Canada20553551301043143416
The Crown in Canada3200000000
Transport Canada182381217310131769160119
Treasury Board of Cana18629361809346710297
Trent-Severn Waterway 10400103211
Truth and Reconciliati0000000000
Veterans Affairs Canad5435203502749974305247397258685747
Veterans Ombudsman491311130284554
VIA Rail Canada378133433212019139408187
Waterton Lakes Nationa145220041211916
Western Economic Diver83120240756642
Working in Canada0000000000
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