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    Last call! We're shipping out tomorrow morning to our new location on the Canadian Army Facebook page . "Like" us if you don't want to be left behind!
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    Looking for the news? Get up to date on the *NEW* Canadian Army page! Panjwa'i District, Afghanistan 28 October 2010 Smoke after cratering charges detonate Patrol personnel wait for the smoke to clear after the cratering charges detonate. 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group conducted Operation TOPAK SHKAR (Pashtu for "Gun Hunter") in partnership with Afghan National Security Forces from October 27 - 28, 2010 in the Panjwa'i District. The aim of Operation TOPAK SHKAR was to disrupt insurgents and deny them freedom of movement. Operation ATHENA is Canada's participation in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan. Focused on Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan since the fall of 2005, Op ATHENA has one over-arching objective: to leave Afghanistan to Afghans, in a country that is better governed, more peaceful and more secure. Canadian Forces Image Number AR2010-0320-56 By Sgt Daren Kraus with Task Force Kandahar, Afghanistan


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