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    Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic SiteWe love all of the ways we can explore our #FavouriteTSW100 spots. 57 days until we open!
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    Rideau Canal National Historic SiteOur #FavouriteRideau100 is Upper Brewers. Find out more about heritage masonry restoration work! Run your hands over the lock walls at Upper Brewers as you lock up or down – you’re touching over 180 years of history. We’re talking 1828 – 1832: this is some of the original sandstone masonry work of the Rideau Canal. Other parts of this lock incorporate limestone, installed as a part of major repairs carried out over a century ago. Nowadays, it’s our role at Parks Canada to preserve what we can, while still allowing boaters and visitors the opportunity to enjoy this historic route, and the structures that support it. The sloped sandstone walls, the vertical gate walls, the sluice tunnels, and the floor of the lock will all be repaired. Any voids behind the walls will be filled, mortar will be removed and replaced, and damaged stones will be squared off and preserved. In cases where individual stones are damaged beyond repair, they will be replaced with carefully selected stones matching the original. The work here is more than 50% complete, and the lock will be ready on May 20, when the Rideau Canal opens for another season. You can read more about Upper Brewers Lock here:

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