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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionThe World Congress on Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering is taking place in Toronto between June 7 and 12. http://wc2015.org/ The CNSC is supporting the event and holding a booth. Come visit us if you`re attending #wc2015yyz DYK? Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, Nuclear Medicine, X-rays, Radiation Therapy, are all fields in medical physics. Several of the applications in these fields are regulated by the #CNSC. Medical physics as we know it today started with the discovery of x-rays and radioactivity in the 1890's. Find our more information at https://www.medphys.ca/content.php?doc=9 #NuclearSafety

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission#TBT A uranium miner from today and one from the past. We’ve come a long way in safety since the 1930’s. Here's a CNSC presentation entitled "Protecting the Health of Uranium Mine Workers: The Situation From the 1930s to Present Day" for more info bit.ly/1dhn0Fl

Jun 3rd

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionYou probably already know that nuclear technology is used to produce electricity. But did you also know that we rely on nuclear technology to do hundreds of other things? Radiation is regularly used to diagnose illnesses, sterilize instruments, inspect metal parts for flaws and even treat diseases. Discover how the #CNSC makes sure that these activities, and the facilities where they take place, are safe for Canadians and the environment.#CNDMuni #NuclearSafety

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionDon’t be surprised if you see people out taking samples of the soil, water, air and vegetation around the Port Hope Conversion Facility (PHCF) and Cameco Fuel Manufacturing (CFM), in Port Hope, Ontario, from June 1 to 5, 2015! CNSC staff are performing routine testing under the Independent Environmental Monitoring Program. bit.ly/1CKPJt3. Cameco is licensed by the CNSC to operate both facilities. The PHCF is a nuclear substance processing facility that processes uranium trioxide into both uranium dioxide (used to manufacture fuel for Canadian power reactors) and uranium hexafluoride (exported to other countries for enrichment and fuel fabrication for nuclear power reactors around the world). bit.ly/1KK4jsa CFM manufactures nuclear fuel bundles for power reactors in Canada. bit.ly/1HIvayx

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionThe hearing for the renewal of OPG's licence for the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is coming up. Here are some important key dates: - August 19, 2015: Watch Part 1 of the hearing live through webcast - September 28, 2015: Send your request by this date if you want to intervene in Part 2 - November 2-5, 2015: Observe Part 2 of hearing at the Hope Fellowship Church, 1685 Bloor Street in Courtice or by watching the webcast Need more information? Visit our website : bit.ly/1FP2XsV

May 26th

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionLearn how the CNSC and CSA Group are working together for a safe nuclear industry bit.ly/1FRa4TJ
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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionDon’t be surprised if you see people out taking soil, water, air and vegetation samples around the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, in Pickering, Ontario, this week! CNSC staff are performing routine testing under the Independent Environmental Monitoring Program. bit.ly/1CKPJt3 Ontario Power Generation owns the Pickering NGS and is licensed by the CNSC to operate it. bit.ly/1F8bt1v OPG runs a comprehensive environmental protection program to monitor and control nuclear and hazardous substances released from the facility, determine concentrations of contaminants in the environment, and assess exposure to the public.

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionUp to $20,000 is being offered to assist the public in reviewing SRC’s detailed remediation option plans for the Gunnar Remediation Project phase 2. You need to file your request by June 19, 2015. bit.ly/1LkBGyx The former Gunnar Mine and Mill site is located in northern Saskatchewan and was operated between 1955 and 1963. The site was closed in 1964 with minimal decommissioning. It consists of open and underground mine pits, 3 mine tailings deposits covering over 70 hectares of land, and waste rock piles.

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionToday, a site-wide evacuation exercise is scheduled for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) Chalk River site. As part of the exercise, emergency site sirens are being tested and may be audible in off-site locations. No action is required by the general public in response to these sirens. There will be additional vehicle traffic in the vicinity of the Chalk River Laboratories during the afternoon hours. bit.ly/1F1FP6N #NuclearSafety #ChalkRiver CNSC staff is onsite to observe the exercise. Read more about the CNSC's role in emergency management and nuclear security bit.ly/1dkeFRV

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionHere's a short video on nuclear power produced by Student Energy, a not-for-profit that aims to create a movement of young leaders committed to transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44ovdxOvP_A #SE4AllForum The CNSC provides financial support to Student Energy through its grants and contributions program . Learn more about how the CNSC is reaching out to young Canadians bit.ly/16Htqdr

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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionThe Joint Review Panel for the proposed Deep Geologic Repository Project has submitted its environmental assessment report to the federal Minister of the Environment. Read the news release: bit.ly/1FQr8Yw The project, proposed by Ontario Power Generation, is a deep geologic repository for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste; the repository would be located at the Bruce site in Tiverton, Ontario. The report outlines the panel’s conclusions, rationale and recommendations. Within four months of the report submission date, the Minister will issue an EA decision statement indicating whether the project may proceed to licensing, including any conditions. Read the report bit.ly/1c7JKqF #OPG #DGR #NuclearSafety #Environment
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    Canadian Nuclear Safety CommissionIn case of a radiological or nuclear emergency, it’s critical to act according to set safety precautions. Here are quick reference cards to be used by first responders: bit.ly/1zMDvUv #emergencypreparednessweek #NuclearSafety

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