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    Environment CanadaDid you know that Canadian satellites provide essential information on environmental ocean, ice, land and the atmosphere? They allow specialists to detect changes that would be difficult to observe from the ground. This data is used to take action and increase public awareness of climate change and deforestation. http://ow.ly/1081f5
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    Environment CanadaDid you know meteorological sensors on satellites provide important weather data? They can detect a variety of items, such as the location and movement of clouds and cloud systems; snow and ice cover; particles from fires, pollution, and sand and dust storms; ocean currents; and many other types of environmental information. http://ow.ly/1080T2
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    Environment CanadaCanada Geese are one of the first migrants to return to the prairies! These hardy waterfowl arrived at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in mid-March and stand on the ice-covered lakes and ponds, waiting for the spring thaw to happen. http://ow.ly/10804F

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