What is gov.politwitter?

gov.politwitter.ca is a companion tool to Politwitter that tracks social media activity by Canadian governments institutions & organizations.

Many of the features, & statistic tracking from Politwitter is now available to help track & analysis how the Canadian government is using social media and how citizens are interacting with it.


Back in 2009 after launching Politwitter.ca I thought about creating sub-sites for local government, newsmedia & goverment. I started creating newstweets.ca but soon realised there was not much interest. I created local.politwitter.ca to start collecting municipal twitter data, but also realised I didn't have the time to maintain a database of all the municipalities in Canada. Keeping Politwitter going with federal & provincial politics is already a big undertaking.

I started on a Goverment site but with federal & provincial elections on the go I was focused on Politwitter.ca. Well in March 2012 a new site zegov.ca created a directory of Government Twitter & Facebook accounts so it reminded & prompted me to finish the Politwitter GOV site.

Politwitter not only lists government Twitter & Facebook accounts but also includes Youtube, Flickr & indexing of photos & links. Politwitter also aggregates all of this government social media data for permanent archival and anaylsis, with features & tools people have loved on the Politwitter political side.

Politwitter allows sorting, filtering, searching and statistics of the Government social media. More statistics will become available once more data is collected.

gov.politwitter.ca was official launched in March, 2012.

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Who built this

Trevor May (Vancouver, BC) @Canadaka

Politwitter was created from scratch by myself, back in 2009. I am a super patriotic Canadian and have a keen interest in Canadian politics. I created a website called "Canada Kicks Ass" in the late 90's which has grown into a large & active Canadian news, content & forums community. I have since expanded the CKA Network to include several sites focused on Canadian conent.

Visit my personal website trevormay.ca for more info about me and other web projects I've created.

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